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The questions and answers from all our quizzes are stored here. The Prelims or elimination round consists of around 25 to 30 questions, a few audio and visual questions. Audio & visual clips have not been included online due to bandwidth & space constraints. Six of the highest scoring teams are selected for the finals. All the quizzes are organised by the MSRIT Quiz Club ie the five of us help in organising it, though the quiz masters may differ ie only two of us or someone else may be asking the questions. The rules are simple, you score for a right answer, there is no negative scoring, if one team fails to answer, the question passes to the next team. You get half the points for answering a question that has been passed. The answers to the questions, in the quiz pages are at the bottom of the page. Questions with * are called star questions and are given more weightage in case of a tie during the prelims. For more questions, check out our Online quiz section

This Semester
Quiz No. 7 Prelims : Finals

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