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This quiz was conducted on April 26th 1999. The quiz masters was Ajay .M assisted by Uma Maheshwari & Deepak Kumar .J.K Questions that were asked in the quiz are listed below, the answers are at the bottom of the page, after the questions.
  1. Introduced in Britain by the Romans in the 1st century A.D., it became a competitive sport under the British control board at the Greyhound Hotel, Tinsley Green Crawley, West Sussex in 1926.This game had it's own share of following in the 1960's in Calcutta when it was called 'Jool Kanchill', with typical playing codes- 'Sine Par, Pillmar, Ghor Pachar, Gai pachar, Gei-Geo, Khatan' etc. It is still popularly played all round India. Which game is this?
  2. What in the USA is the Miranda's ritual?
  3. According to the legends the Gods & Goddesses pleaded with Lord Brahma to create another 'Veda' which would be simpler for the common man to understand. Lord Brahma created the 'Panchamaveda', an essence of the four other vedas. It is believed he has taken 'Pathya'(words) from the 'Rigveda', 'Abhinaya' (gesture) from 'Samaveda' & 'Rasa'(sentiment & emotional element) from the 'Atharvaveda'. After creating this he gave it to Sage Bharatha & asked him to popularise this on Earth. What did this lead to?
  4. "Disaster Tourism" has become popular in recent times. What is it exactly?
  5. The movie 'Gone with the wind ' launched Chesterfield Cigarettes. Which product was launched by the evergreen classic 'Roman Holiday'?
  6. In the American secret service what is referred as POTUS, FLOTUS ?
  7. One of the most inspired composers in history. He was first employed at the age of 18 as a "lackey & a violinist" in a court orchestra in Wiemar. After conducting and composing for seven years he was offered the highly prestigious post of Cantor of St. Thomas's church in Liepzig. He was creative even after he was virtually blinded with cataract. His last musical composition, a chorale prelude entitled 'Before thy throne, my God I stand' was dictated to his son in law only days before his death. Name him.
  8. He beat Danny Denzongpa to this famous role where Viju Khote & Mac Mohan played his sidekicks. His son Akbar made his movie debut along with Rani Mukherjee recently. Name him.
  9. His books are dedicated to 'The men of the secret service of the United States of America'. He works for AXE, a super secret U.S. espionage agency with it's headquarters under the cover of Amalgamated press & wire services. His boss is called Hawk. His friends are Wilhelmina (held in the shoulder holster) a 0.9mm P08 Luger, Hugo (carried in the thigh), a pencil thin stiletto, Pierre-a special gas bomb. Who is he?
  10. A dreaded Naggon mothership fires a bolt of the deadly destructive ray a small red space craft reeling towards an unknown planet! Inside the space craft is our hero the intrepid ____________ _______, Intrplanetary explorer extraordinaire. Fill in the blank.
  11. Each one of his novels have been a bestseller. He had a brief career in the British RAF & served in the World War II. He has now retired with his wife and lives in Lyford Cayin the Bahamas where their home is described as "Having a car in the front door & a boat at the back". His wife Shiela has also written a book by name 'I married a bestseller'. Name this illustrious author.
  12. His screen name is Siddhanth. You have seen him in Elle 18 ads "Adam teased" by a bunch of girls. One look at him will have any 'Babydoll' worth her salt go "Wah-Wah". Name him.
  13. "Christmas won't be Christmas without any presents" grumbled Jo, lying on the rug. Which book starts with this line?
  14. Charles Calthrop, Alexander James Duggan, Pastor Per Jensen, Marty Schulberg. What can you tell me about these names?
  15. It was first developed in Italy, chiefly by Dante & Petrarch and then passed into France and England where it immediately became very popular. There are several types, the Petrarchan, Spensarian & the Shakesperean being the most important of all. The 1st division retains the original structure of an octet & 2nd the sextet. What are they?
  16. An expert theatre artist & a playwright , his stories for children were as refreshing as that of Enid Blyton's. He was the editor of a Kannada children's magazine by name 'Gokula'. Incidentally he has also won the 'Jnana Peetha' award. Name him.
  17. The best of all story tellers. At the age of 14 he travelled to Copenhagen from his hometown Odense hoping to become an opera singer. Turned down at the first audition itself ,he turned to writing .He has given us memorable stories like "The ugly duckling", "The emperor's new clothes". The Little Mermaid is a memorial to this man & sits at the entrance to Copenhagen harbour. Name him.
  18. When he died he left behind an unsolved mystery, the clues to which were only two books- a copy of Othello & the play John Feguson by St John Irvine. Who?
  19. In 1966 what was stolen in an exhibition from London and replaced by a very rare Swiss stamp?
  20. Controversy time : Milkha Singh refused to credit the breaking of his record for two reasons. One was that he ran on slow cinder tracks while Paramjeet ran on modern rubber tracks. What was the other reason?
  21. What was Ghandhiji referring to when he said "It is the most useful machine invented till now."?
  22. What is the theory behind the name 'Bhishnoi', the tribe which opposed Salman Khan's Black Buck hunting?
  23. Which son of a fire fighter father & a barmaid mother, boxed professionally under the name Marty O' Brien?

  1. Marbles
  2. The procedure of listing out their rights to the criminals by the cops immediately after their arrest.
  3. Bharathanatyam
  4. It refers to visitors who sometimes go to places like Afghanithan, Beirut to experience the thrill of actually seeing a street battle or witnessing a mortar attack.
  5. Vespa scooters
  6. President of the United States & First lady of the United States
  7. Johann Sebstian Bach
  8. Amjad Khan
  9. Nick Carter
  10. Spaceman Spiff
  11. Arthur Hailey
  12. Dino Morea
  13. Little Women by Louisa M Alcott
  14. Assumed identities of the Jackal in the book 'The day of the jackal'
  15. Sonnets
  16. Dr. Shivram Karanth
  17. Hans Chiristian Anderson
  18. Hercules Poirot
  19. The Jules Rimmet World Cup.
  20. At the Rome Olympics, Milkha was officially timed 45.6 seconds. Years later electronic timer was introduced at the inter national events. An adjustment of 0.14 seconds was made for all previous records since human react to the start of the race giving the runner an advantage of a few milliseconds. thus Milkha's 45.6 became 45.74.Paramjeet had timed 45.70.
  21. Singer Sewing Machine
  22. Their patron saint had laid down 29 rules for them to follow. 29 is 'Bees & Now' in Hindi. Thus BeesNow is now 'Bhishnoi'
  23. Frank Sinatra

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