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Conducted on Nov 21st 1998, the quiz masters were Ashok Warriar and Bala Murugan .M. Questions that were asked in the quiz are listed below, the answers are at the bottom of the page, after the questions.
  1. Which well known phenomenon was first called Feeble Fluoresence?
  2. My 70th birthday is on 18th Nov 1998. I made my debut in Steamboat Willie. Who am I?
  3. This animal was mentioned in 'Alice in Wonderland' and was last sighted in Mauritius. Name the animal.
  4. What are the names of the four cascades in Jog Falls?
  5. All the Indian airplanes, aircrafts/gliders tail carry the letters VT. What does VT stand for?
  6. Who remained on the spacecraft when Neil Armstrong & Edwin Aldrin landed on the moon?
  7. In Calvin & Hobbes comics, what does the acronym GROSS stand for?
  8. How did the group UB40 get its name?
  9. Who gave the title Amartya to Amartya Sen?
  10. What name is given to the position of a planet in its orbit when its closest to the sun?
  11. What does GI in GI Joe stand for?
  12. Whose autobiography is 'Selective Memory'?
  13. What did Ludwig Zamenoff invent?
  14. What was the currency of Venice during Shylock's time?
  15. For which sport is the Venus Rosewater dish trophy awarded every year?
  16. What was bought in exchange for a lawn mower?
  17. Expand VIRUS (as related to computers)
  18. Which system of philosophy literally means 'Union'
  19. Which company shipped the tea chests involved in the Boston Tea Party?
  20. Who designed the cover for Nehru's 'Discovery of India' and Tiger of Kumraon?
  21. It was known to Sushrutha as Sugandhika, how is it known now?
  22. Who writes the syndicated column 'Bulls eye' in the newspaper?
  23. What did Gulzar describe as the "longest short story of his life"?
  24. What's the name of Arjun's son born to a Manipuri Princess?
  25. Who was the mascot of Common Wealth games at Kuala Lumpur? What animal did it represent?
  26. Give any three jargon words used to refer to the Clinton - Monica Lewinsky scandal.
  27. How did the word Bikini originate?
  28. Why is Emily Jannings famous in the field of entertainment?
  29. When the cricket matches are on, whose web page shows it live on the net?
  30. What does an Ecdysiast do for a living?
  31. What are the three buildings in Bangalore's International Technology Park called?
  32. Its called Dhaba in India, what's it called in the US?
  33. Michael Jordan endorses 'Nike - Air' what does Warne endorse?
  34. In which prison is the movie 'The Rock' based on?
  35. News readers read the news from an instrument in front of them. What's the instrument called?
  36. What is the most common password in the world?
  37. What does W in TW Roosevelt stand for?
  38. What item of daily use is made of Magnesium Aluminum alloy?
  39. How did the word Jeep come into use?
  40. Who are the authors of 'It takes a village' and 'Hope and History'?
  41. Who would you find in 'Panchatantra Inn'?
  42. Who constitute the Indian Talkies?
  43. How did Johnny Lever get his name?
  44. What the tagline used by Microsoft?
  45. Who/what is Ghattu?
  46. Who was the first person to talk in the UN with a gun?
  47. What is Googol?
  48. Who was the first person to get a commercial pilot licence in India?
  49. Connect Boycott, Derrick, Hooligan, Fudge & Davenport.
  50. In Dhaka, before the cricket tournament started, some news headlines irritated one of the cricketers. What did the headlines say?
  51. What is 'Swoosh'?
  52. What is A.B Vajpayee's collection of poems titled?
  53. In slang, what does TINA stand for?
  54. Which piece of Architecture is modeled after the famous Windsor Castle?
  55. I made my debut in an environmental film opposite John Cleese, I've started acting now after some time, I also paint under a different name. Who am I?
    Clue: My sons recently did the Full Monty (well almost)
  56. "The bugger served so slow that I went off to sleep waiting for the ball to come." Who said this about whom?
  57. What is the book written by Ratnakar, a dacoit from Chambal called?
  58. Connect Ustad Isa, Zakhir Hussain, Donald Trump.
  59. In the US its called the Niagara Falls, what's it called in Canada?
  60. Connect Maradona, Tony Blair, Sonia Gandhi, Manoj Kumar.
  61. What barrier was broken on 6th May, 1954 at Iffley Road in Oxford?
  62. When asked about what, did Liz Taylor say "What is this, a memory test"?
  63. When Ashok Kumar and a co-star streaked past a party, what was the only thing they were wearing?
  64. "If not for the scar on my eye brow I might have become a fisherman, than what I am today" Who said this?

  1. Raman Effect
  2. Mickey Mouse
  3. Dodo
  4. Raja, Rani, Rocket, Roarer
  5. Viceroy's Territory
  6. Michael Collins
  7. Get Rid Of Sissy/stupid Shoolgirls
  8. Taken from the letters for Unemployment Bureau, number 40
  9. Rabindranath Tagore
  10. Perihelion
  11. Government or General Issue
  12. Shobha De
  13. Esperanto (a language)
  14. Ducat
  15. Womens Wimbeldon Singles
  16. Wimbeldon grounds
  17. Vital Information Resources Under Siege
  18. Yoga
  19. East India Company
  20. Satyajit Ray
  21. Basmati Rice
  22. Harshad Mehta
  23. His marriage to Rakhee
  24. Babru Vahana
  25. Wira, An Orangutan
  26. Fornigate, Zippergate, Interngate
  27. Bikini is a place in Marshall island used in 1946 for Atomic Bomb testing (where the essential parts of the tests were covered up)
  28. First person to receive the Oscar award
  29. Jagged Networks
  30. Stripteases
  31. Discoverer, Inventor and Creator
  32. Truck stop
  33. Slippers
  34. Alcatraz
  35. Teleprompter
  36. Password
  37. Nothing actually, all the previous presidents had a first, middle and a last name so he put in a letter in his name.
  38. Coins
  39. Derived from GP, which stands for General Purpose, the kind of vehicles used during World War
  40. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton
  41. A. R. Rehman (its his residence)
  42. Ram Gopal Verma, Mani Ratnam, Shekar Kapoor
  43. He used to work in Hindustan Lever Limited and hence the 'Lever'
  44. Where do you want to go today?
  45. The boy who appears in Asian Paints Logo
  46. Yasser Arafat
  47. 1 followed by 100 zeroes
  48. JRD Tata
  49. They are Euphonyms
  50. Azhar and his luggage
  51. The logo used by Nike
  52. Mere 51 kavitayen
  53. There Is No Alternative
  54. Bangalore Palace
  55. Prince Charles
  56. Mc Enroe on Ramesh Krishnan
  57. Ramayan
  58. Taj Mahal
  59. Horse Shoe Falls
  60. The number 10. Maradona's number, Tony Blair - 10 Downing Street, Sonia Gandhi - 10 Janpath, Manoj Kumar - Dus Numbari
  61. The Four minute mile
  62. Details about her marriage
  63. Wig
  64. Sunil Gavasker

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