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This quiz was conducted on Nov 21st 1998. The quiz masters were Ashok Warriar and Bala Murugan .M. Questions that were asked in the quiz are listed below, the answers are at the bottom of the page, after the questions.
  1. Which Indian recently won the women's Junior World class chess championship?
  2. It is called Hoysala in Bangalore, whats it called in Mysore?
  3. What did Harihara and Bhuka find?
  4. Which politician's autobiography is called 'Flight to the parliment'
  5. What did Dereck Hockride and Anthea Bell write?
  6. The measure of about 185mts or 60 ft in Greek gave rise to a commonly used sporting term. What term?
  7. Why was Amsterdam in news recently?
  8. Dactylography is study of ________.
  9. Who produced 'Chariots of Fire'?
  10. Which politician's name when translated into sanskrit means 'compassion and money'?
  11. Which stadium has hosted the most number of cricket matches?
  12. 0091 80 344 611 is what? (relative to Bangalore)
  13. Who writes under the pen name of 'Madhavi Kutty'?
  14. Which network was started in 1969 by the Pentagon due to problems faced by them in nuclear tests?
  15. For shooting which two endangered species was Salman Khan in legal trouble?

  1. Koneru Humphy
  2. Garuda
  3. Vijaynagar empire
  4. Rajesh Pilot
  5. They translated Asterix comics into English
  6. Stadium
  7. An author from Amsterdam won the Booker's Prize
  8. Fingerprints
  9. Dodi Al Fayed
  10. Karunanidhi
  11. Sarjah
  12. Pizza Corner's phone number
  13. Kamala Das
  14. Internet/ARPANET
  15. Black Buck & Chinkara

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