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Questions that were asked in the quiz are listed below, the answers are at the bottom of the page, after the questions.
  1. A company called 'Jagged Interworks' provides ball-by-ball, live coverage of major cricket matches being played around the world along with cricket statistics, results etc. Who owns the company?
  2. During thunderstorms tall objects such as tree tops, spears, and ship masts, sometimes duisplay a bluish glow, often accompanied by the crackling sound of electrical discharge. The scientific term for this phenomenon is 'Point discharge' or 'Corona discharge'. What's the more popular term?
  3. What's unique about the island of Pianosa in the Mediterranean sea, 8 miles south of Elba?
  4. This group of women had a practice of cutting off their right breast, so that it would not hinder their pulling a bow. Their name has literally come to mean 'without a breast'. What are they called?
  5. In 1938, when Walt Disney went up to receive Oscar's he needed the help of three other people, why?
  6. What's common to the following: Tulip, Montblanc, Sover ska & Lotus? (Hint: Auetronics, Pitco, AE Services, Snomprogetti)
  7. What's common to the following: Scroll, Bow, Purfling & Bridge?
  8. When asked why he ran so fast, he remarked "To escape my wife's javelin" Incidentally his wife was a javelin thrower & won a gold at the 52' Olympics. This person was nicknamed the Human Locomotive. Who was he?
  9. Why did the Pakistani's name their missile as Ghauri?
  10. What's common to the Ring of Solomon, the Ring of Saturn, Circle of Venus & the three bracelets?
  11. What did Laloo Prasad Yadhav assert that he would make the roads of Patna like?
  12. Which editor left the front page of his newspaper "Hindu Rashtra" blank in 1947 in order to protest against the partition?
  13. Meaning 'All the fruits' in Italian, this phrase was first applied early in the 19th Century in the US to Ice Creams containing pieces of various chopped fruits. It later became the name of a proprietary brand of fruit flavoured chewing gum. Which phrase?
  14. Due to legend the Syracusan king Hieron II, suspected that a crown he had been given was not of gold, asked this person to determine its purity. This incident in turn led to the foundation of one of the most important laws of science. What?
  15. Submarines are classified into various classes, one of the subtypes being a Whisky class sub. Once this newspaper headline 'Soviet Whisky class submarine stranded on rocks of North Sea'. This headline gave rise to popular English expression. What expression?
  16. In 1849, Walter Hunter of the USA was in deep debt. He was worried and was nervously twisting a piece of wire in his hand into various shapes. By chance, he had a shape in his hand, which became a very useful invention. What was the invention?
  17. This person was the only world champion in any weight to have won every fight in his entire professional career as a boxer stretching from 1947 to 1955. 43 of 49 fights were won either by knock outs or stoppages. Who is the person?
  18. This person was a famous ideologist, he never visited India but he deciphered the relationship between Sanskrit and European languages. He thus found the origin of his own name in Sanskrit. 'Moksha Moola' meaning the root of freedom. Who was he?
  19. She was a daughter of the Red Indian chief Powhattan who saved the life of Captain John Smith. She eventually marries him and was baptized as Rebecca. Who was she?
  20. Packman was originally called something else, this name was changed because it was felt that the original name might lead to offensive rhymes. What was the original name?
  21. This is probably one of the oldest living city in the world. Considered the epitome of Hindu religion, its situated between two rivers and derives its name from these two rivers and was once a great riverine port. Incidentally, the best Sitars of the world are made here. Name the city.
  22. A green liquor, flavoured with wormwood, together with Angelica root etc. It appears frequently in accounts of the life of French literary and artistic circles at the end of the 19th century & early 20th century. This drink was first prescribed to the French troops during the Algerian war (1830-47). The name of the drink is also the alternative title of the painting 'Au café' by Degas. The sale and manufacture of this drink is now illegal in France. Name the drink.
  23. This moniker or phrase is derived from the name of a Greek mythological character. According to the legend, he was the son of the sea nymph Thesis. He was dipped by his mother into the waters of the underworld river 'Styx' which made him invincible except for the part by which he was held. He was subsequently killed by Paris who shot an arrow at the very spot he was most vulnerable in. This term has come into common usage as a person's weakness or weakspot. Who was this character?
  24. This person was a teacher of architecture and design in a Budapest School for commercial artists. He invented something in 1979 as an instructional aid for applied arts & patented it in Hungary and by the time this fad died down, literally millions of this invention had been sold. What was the invention?
  25. The Greek god of medicine, Asklepios had several daughters. Two of his daughters have lent their names to the English language. One is 'Hygeia' meaning health, which gave the word 'Hygiene'. The second one meaning 'all healing' gives us which word?
  26. During the ongoing world cup, this company was asked to remove its posters which show Eric Cantona, which said 'Young people of the world, football is calling you, come and join us' after an anti-racist group complained that these posters were facist.
  27. Gone with the wind - 'Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn' was not the original version that Margaret Michel wrote. She changed it when she felt that the original was a bit too obtuse. What was the original line?
  28. This classic Hindi movie was remade into English by Dev Anand in collaboration with Noble prize winner novelist Pearl S Buck. Directed by Ted Danielewski, the film bagged the best actor award at the 1965 Chicago Film Festival. The English version of course flopped badly. Name the movie.
  29. This person was an inveterate gambler. He was so interested in gambling that he had his evening meal served to him at the gaming table in a form that would allow him to continue to play and eat at the same time. Who was this person?

  1. Mick Jagger & Geoff Boycott
  2. St. Elmo's Fire
  3. Setting for Catch-22
  4. Amazon
  5. He got more Oscar's for Snow White than he could carry alone
  6. Bofors
  7. Parts of a Violin
  8. Emil Zotopek
  9. Because Mohammed Ghauri and Prithvi Raj Chauhan were sworn enemies & India named their missile as Prithvi.
  10. All of them can be found on the palm.
  11. As smooth as the cheeks of Hema Malini
  12. Nathuram Godse
  13. Tutti-Fruity
  14. Archimedes Principle
  15. Whisky on the rocks
  16. Safety Pin
  17. Rocky Marciano
  18. Max Muller
  19. Pocahontas
  20. Puckman
  21. Varanasi, from Varun & Asi.
  22. Absinthe
  23. Achilles Heel
  24. Rubik's cube (Erno Rubik)
  25. Panacea
  26. Nike
  27. Frankly my dear, I don't give an epworth
  28. Guide
  29. 4th Earl of Sandwich

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