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Questions that were asked in the quiz are listed below, the answers are at the bottom of the page, after the questions.
  1. Who is India's only international Formula 3 racer?
  2. To which celebrity did Chaneli Shah offer a coke to?
  3. What is the allowable percentage of Carbon monoxide in two wheelers in India?
  4. Name the first state in the United States of America which adopted 0% emission levels for automobiles.
  5. There has been a spectacular precedence set by a local (Bangalore) couple who planted about 300 trees (284 to be exact) on a strech of road all around, 40 years ago. Name the couple
  6. A meet in 1990 proposed the complete phasing out of CFC's & other harmful chemicals by the year 2000. The result was a protcol. What was it called?
  7. The following is the complete name of a famous city. You have to give the more popular shorter version: Cindad de la Santisima Trinidad del Puerto de Santa Marai de ______ ______ (i.e City of the holy trinity of the port of Saint Mary of _____ _____)
  8. "To question Elizabeth's virtue 400 years after her death is not just a blackguardly slur upon a good, christian woman, but an insult to our fathers who fought for her" This is how 'The Daily Telegraph' reacted to Shekar Kapur's effort to state that Elizabeth was not a virgin in an imminent movie. With whom is the Queen depicte to have had a strong relationship?
  9. Who played the role of Ambedkar in the film 'Baba Saheb Ambedkar'?
  10. What is the English name of Lal Islar Malvinas, a group of disputed islands in the South Atlantic?
  11. For what reason were the Indians not allowed to take part in the 1950 World Cup Football?
  12. Name India's first Miss World.
  13. Where is R.K. Narayan's imaginary town Malgudi located?
  14. What is the code-naming convention used by the employees of Microsoft called?
  15. Which is the Garden City of England?
  16. What is the Jnanapith award given for?
  17. Which great inventor could write with one hand and draw with the other, simultaneously?

  1. Narayan Karthekeyan
  2. Sushmita Sen
  3. 4.5%
  4. California State
  5. Bikkalu Chikkaiah & Thimakka
  6. Montreal Protocol
  7. Buenos Aires
  8. Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester
  9. Mammuty
  10. The Falkland Islands
  11. They played barefoot
  12. Reita Faria Powell
  13. In Karnataka
  14. 'Hungarian', after Charles Simonyi
  15. Kent
  16. The best creative writing by any Indian in any of the Indian languages in the last twenty years
  17. Leonardo Da Vinci

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