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The first quiz of this semester conducted on Nov 2nd 1998. The quiz masters were Ajith .S and Amith Kumar .B Questions that were asked in the quiz are listed below, the answers are at the bottom of the page, after the questions.
  1. Who wrote the book The Road Ahead?
  2. What did the ancient Greeks call the fear of woods and forests?
  3. Who was the first person to address the UN in Hindi?
  4. Who was the first US president to make use of television to address the nation from the White House?
  5. Which famous group was originally known as Tom and Jerry ?
  6. Which was the first Dolby stereo Hindi film in India?
  7. What term was coined by Don Hoeffler, writing in "Electronic News", describing the area around San Jose in California?***
  8. Elephants pulling apart a ball is the logo used by Fevicol. Which company's logo shows horses pulling apart jeans?
  9. In Dutch Brandewijn means burnt wine - what is it more commonly known as?
  10. The British parliament has a guideline saying that all speeches should he relevant, non-repetitive and short. What has evolved from this guideline?
  11. What did Al Capone's business card say his profession was?***
  12. Which was the first novel ever written on a typewriter?
  13. Give the last name of Maggie, Lisa and Bart.
  14. Connect these "Dr No", "Live and let die", "A view to a kill"
  15. Which Yiddish word now means a chronically clumsy person in American slang?
  16. Who sang the hit song My Way.
  17. What binds muscles to the bone?
  18. Who played the legendary character Sam Spade in The Maltese Falcon?
  19. Who were The Fat Man and The Little Boy?
  20. Which is the only English word which retains its pronunciation even after the last 4 letters are removed from the word?
  21. Name the only movie which Alfred Hitchcock made twice.
  22. In Archie comics, what is the name of the Riverdale school newspaper?
  23. If you suffer from musophobia who are you afraid of?
  24. What is common to Daytona, Chicago, Cairo & Memphis?*** Clue: Think software
  25. In Istanbul what is called The American Bird?

  1. Bill Gates
  2. Panic
  3. A B Vajpayee
  4. Harry Truman
  5. Simon and Garfunkel
  6. 1942 - A Love story
  7. Silicon valley
  8. Levi's
  9. Brandy
  10. Just a minute - JAM
  11. Used Furniture Dealer
  12. Tom Sawyer
  13. Simpson
  14. James Bond
  15. Klutz
  16. Frank Sinatra
  17. Tendons
  18. Humphery Bogart
  19. Nuclear bombs dropped on Japan
  20. Queue
  21. The man who knew too much (For your info. Psycho has been made once but the remake is not yet complete)
  22. Blue & Gold
  23. Mice
  24. Code names of Win NT 3.5, Win 95, Win NT 4 & Win 98 development projects.
  25. Turkey

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