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Questions that were asked in the quiz are listed below, the answers are at the bottom of the page, after the questions.
  1. If you were dealing in Robusta, Arabica, Pearberry, Parchment, what would you be doing?
  2. Whose autobiography is Baa Baa Black Sheep?
  3. How many international test centuries did Sunil Gavaskar score in his career?
  4. What is the expansion of TIPS?
  5. In which year did the first Mercedes hit the road?
  6. Which actress has won the national award for the best actress maximum number of times?
  7. Expansion of NASSCOM
  8. In how many venues in France are they going to play world cup soccer in 1998?
  9. What was the Bombay underworld term for drugs in the seventies?
  10. What is the complete name of the Spice Girl who split from the group?
  11. Which Indian actress won the best actress award at the Canadian Film Festival in 1997?
  12. Which was India's first Aircraft Carrier?
  13. What is the capital of Bulgaria?
  14. Which is the only track and field event in Olympics in which women are still not allowed to participate?
  15. How many sovereign countries are the members of UNO?
  16. What is the former name of Ghana?
  17. The communist party in India split up into two groups over an issue, what was the issue?
  18. Where is the headquarters of International Atomic Energy agency located?
  19. Who made the famous quip 'Men seldom make passes at girls who were glasses'?
  20. Who discovered Iridium? (Hint: You don't possess your own house)
  21. In which country are high-speed express trains so punctual that the railway offers a refund if the train is more than 5 minutes late?
  22. Name the instrument used to measure the altitude of celestial bodies?
  23. Name the actual owner of the celestial vehicle Pushpaka Vimana.
  24. Name the American novel in which the hero is fathered by a computer.
  25. What is Brian Lara's car registration number?
  26. Who was the scientist behind Pakistan's Nuclear Test?
  27. From which country did Pakistan acquire the 'Ghauri' Missile
  28. Which was the first Conan Doyle book in which Holmes & Watson collaborated?

  1. Coffee
  2. Thomas Alva Edison
  3. 34
  4. To Insure Prompt Service
  5. 1901
  6. Nutan
  7. National Association of Software Service Companies
  8. Ten
  9. Hema Malini (she was the most popular 'heroine' at that time).
  10. Geri Haliwell
  11. Shabana Azmi
  12. INS Vikrant
  13. Sofia
  14. Pole Vault
  15. 185
  16. Gold Coast
  17. The Indo-China War - 1962
  18. Vienna
  19. Dorothy Parker
  20. S. Tenant
  21. Spain
  22. Spectrometer
  23. Kubera
  24. Giles Goat-Boy
  25. 375
  26. Abdul Qadder
  27. North Korea
  28. A Study in Scarlet

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