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Here are a list of some of the other sites that we like on the net. There are mostly general sites but you may find some quiz related sites on the list too. Check it out.

    The world's largest online bookstore... well actually, they also sell CD and other products.
  • C|
    If its related to computers, the news is here. The best place for news about the PC industry. Also E-mails the news to your mailbox.
    As the name says it, its a site where you can download shareware software. The softwares are classified and you can search for a utility by keywords. A must see if you are looking for shareware/freeware.
  • E! Online
    An entertainment site. Carries news, reviews and clips from movies, albums and more...
  • International Lyrics Server
    A site that has a huge database of lyrics. You can search for your favourite lyrics over here.
  • Joke of the day
    A nice site for jokes. They also send jokes by e-mail.
  • K-Circle
    A good place for quiz questions, arranged in archives.
  • Laugh A Lot
    Another nice jokes site. They list only clean jokes and they also send jokes by e-mail. One of the best jokes list.
  • Leonids Live!
    Everything that you ever wanted to know about the Leonids meteor shower on 17th Nov 1998. Also includes pictures and live video.
  • Microsoft's site
    Need we say anything?? Its Microsoft's site with all their goodies like drivers, games, utilities and not to mention a great knowledgebase. Best viewed with Internet Explorer ;-))
  • MTV Online
    MTV's site, gives details about shows, VJs, artist and ofcourse, everything that's on MTV.
  • Music Boulevard
    The site where MTV buys its music! An excellent site which lets you buy CD's online. The also carry clips for you to listen to.
  • National Geographic
    National Geographic's online site. Carries extensive material from video to audio and images that are shown on their site. Excellent for referance and educational purposes.
  • Sony Pictures Entertainment
    Sony's site for its movies and TV shows. Find out more about upcoming movies and their contests.

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