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About us

The M.S.R.I.T Quiz Club was started (founded if you wish ;-) ) in May 1998 by five of us Ajith .S, Amith Kumar .B, Ashok Warriar, Ashwin .S & Balaskandan C.S. All of us are from the Mechanical enggineering department studying in 7th Semester. We are very fortunate to have Mr. K.R. Phaneesh, our teacher, as our co-ordinator. He has been very encouraging & has helped us a lot in organizing the quizzes. We'd like to thank him for his guidance and advice.

Before we started the quiz club, quizzes were held once in a year during the college fesitval and this was one of the reasons why we formed the club. Our aim is to conduct as many quizzes in a semester as possible. The quizzes are usually held every fortnight. The quizzes are based on general knowledge, with no theme in particular. This is done so that students from all departments & with different interests can take part in them. The questions range from very easy ones to insanely tough ones which leaves the participants cursing us. The same goes for audio too, we play clips from the black and white television genre to heavy metal from Metallica or Anthrax (all in a days work :-) ) We organised the first quiz on June 5th 1998 which also happened to be the World Environment day.

The quizzes are open to all students of M.S.R.I.T. Students are required to register with any one of the organisers. We take a small fee (might I also add modest fee? :-) ) of Rs. 25 per person during registration. Once registered, the students can take part in all the quizzes that we conduct in that semester. Since we receive no financial support from the institution, the registration fee is used as prize money and a small part of it is used for other expenses. I guess you could call us a non profit organization ;-) Members can form teams among themselves and a maximum of 3 members per team are allowed. We usually put up the dates of upcoming quizzes in advance, you could also check out the News & updates page for details regarding the dates and venue.

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